Foundation Dollars at Work

Donations to the Foundation are used to support and enhance patient care and to provide needed services to the community. To keep pace with advancing technologies and provide patients with the best diagnostic treatment services, the Medical Center must continue to replace equipment, train staff and develop programs. The Foundation, on behalf of the Medical Center, also takes seriously its obligation to the Madison Valley community at large.

2017 Fiscal Year Accomplishments

(October 1, 2016 - September 30, 2017)

Recognizing that residents and visitors to the Madison Valley are a worthy investment, the community gave more than $430,000 to support the life-saving work provided each day at the Madison Valley Medical Center. Consistent support helps sustain the Madison Valley Medical Center's mission to be the most effective provider of healthcare services in our region.

Money raised enabled the Foundation to advance community health and the Medical Center facility:

  • Purchase Emergency Room Equipment
  • Purchase Cardiac Rehab Equipment
  • Purchase Portable Ultrasound Machine
  • Purchase Updated Electronic Health Record
  • Provide medical staff training and skill development
  • Purchase Pediatric Laryngoscope